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14k Gold Charms

14k gold charms make beautiful decorative touches for any jewelry bracelet, with both white and yellow charms made in many designs.

Buying 14k gold charms for just about anyone in your life, under the right circumstances can prove to be the absolute perfect gift.  Just about everyone likes gold in some form or another.  It’s something extremely attractive, and that natural yellowish shine is something that most people really seem to like in all sorts of different places.  You really just want to figure out what sort of 14k gold charms you should buy, and for what people in your life.  There are all sorts of different types of charms out there to be purchased, and it’s really just a matter of choosing the sort you know are going to be a hit.

For starters however, you really want to understand a bit more about gold, so that you understand what you’re getting with 14k gold charms.  What you’re going to find is that all gold is measured in the form of karats, which dictate just how pure the gold is.  That scale goes from 1 to 24, with 24 being the purest form.  Therefore 14k gold charms are a great and comfortable middle ground of authentic and high quality gold, that also isn’t as expensive as pure charms are going to be.  That way you can get the great look of that type of jewelry, without having to cough up the same amount of money.

What’s more, you’re also going to find that you can get 14k gold charms in just about any type of style, so that you can match them up to someone’s personality or interests.  The fun part of just about any type of charms is just that they are meant to come in about any type of style, and can be used for just about anything.  Whether you’re looking for the finishing touches to a necklace, bracelet, or decoration of any kind, they are the perfect place to turn.  Plus you can find them for any interest, whether it be something like sports, as well as religion, and anything else that people commonly have an affinity for.

Of course, you do have to be careful as well, and ensure that you’re buying your 14k gold charms in the right place to be sure they are going to be legitimate.  That means you have to do your research and always look into the item description on anything, to be sure that it’s actually worth the money.  You’re going to find that some items will be pure gold, and others will merely be gold plated.  You always want to go with pure, because plated means that the gold is only covering a lower quality material underneath which compromises the core of the object.  That means the gold can easily rub off, and then the charm is worthless.

Typically finding a list of jewelers in your area, and then visiting a few is the best way to really shop around for all the great 14k gold charms available to you.  That means you want to do your research on a site like or even on a site like  There you can track down all the jewelry stores in your area, so that you can explore just what’s out there for you.