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Birthstone Charm Necklace

The birthstone charm necklace is a special piece of jewelry for girls and women, with a gemstone corresponding to birthdays and Zodiac signs.

If you are looking for a birthstone charm necklace, you are completely in step with the current fashions and trends. Birthstones are specialized to the month you are born in. A gemstone is assigned to a month based on the Zodiac. However, its roots can be traced back to the Old Testament. In fact, the breastplate worn by Aaron has been described as having a dozen gemstones to represent the twelve tribes of Israel. Two prominent writers made the correlation between the twelve tribes and the twelve Zodiac signs. The writings of Flavius Josephus (1st century AD) and St. Jerome (fifth century AD) both reference this. This concept was all about wearing the gemstone associated the Zodiac sign paralleled with the specific time of the year. It had nothing do to with your own birth month.

The concept of an individual wearing their own birthstone began in 18th century Poland. Jewish jewelers brought the practice to the area. However, it was not until the 19th century that an organization compiled and released a list of gemstones. Gemstones have always held special significance for all ancient cultures. They revered their beauty and believed the stones possessed special powers. Gemstones were believed to bestow special qualities. Sapphire, for example, was believed to encourage fidelity. Aquamarine was believed to have healing powers, especially for stomach ailments.

If you are looking for a great gift, birthstone charm necklaces are extremely personalized and unique to the recipient. If your beloved has a January birthstone, she will wear garnet, which is a dark red. February girls will don Amethyst, which is a purple stone. March’s stone is Aquamarine, which is a blue-green stone. Lucky April gals get diamonds. May’s birthstone is the magnetizing emerald. June is the moonstone or the pearl. For July, buy her rubies. August women can choose between Peridot or Onyx. September’s birthstone is Sapphire. Tourmaline is for October. November girls can sport topaz or citrine. December recently had some additions to their list. The birthstones for this month are turquoise, blue topaz, or the newest addition, tanzanite.

A birthstone charm necklace may be one single item with a gemstone on it. It may also be several charms together, all sharing the same gemstone. There are themed birthstone charm necklaces. You can get charms themed for just about any hobby.

You can find a birthstone charm necklace for every budget. Depending upon whether the gemstone is natural or created, how large the stone is, and the materials the stones are set in, your price can vary greatly. You can go into a physical jewelry store and buy birthstone charm necklaces. But you can also find a plethora of options online for this item as well. You can have the charms engraved with names, initials, or dates as well. These will make lovely gifts for your mother, sister, friend, wife or girlfriend. These are very thoughtful gifts that will make the woman in your life smile. Compare prices and check shipping costs if you are buying online.