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Italian Charm Bracelets

Italian charm bracelets feature special charm links for a unique jewelry form, coming in gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, and more.

Traditional Italian charm bracelets have 18 charm links. These bracelets were so popular in Italy that even athletes wore them. Soccer players were spotted wearing charm bracelets with charms painted in the fashion of the Italian flag. In the 1990s, American tourists brought this beautiful, sweet bracelet back to the States, where it caught on like wildfire. Charm bracelets continue to be a wildly popular and thoughtful gift.

The practice of wearing charms developed out of a desire to ward of bad luck, illness, evil spirits, and ill wishes. In a variety of cultures around the world, charms and adornments have been found in ancient remains. From Africa 75,000 years ago to the Medieval Knights, charms have held the curiosity of those seeking luck. The Egyptians used them to record the status of one’s life here and then as a guide to the spirits in the afterworld. This way one could enjoy the same level of prominence in the next world. In the Dark Ages, people took to the wearing of charms to show affiliation politically and to their families. You can see the roots of the Italian charm bracelet here.

Charm bracelets became a fashion statement during the time of Queen Victoria, who started a trend among nobles and royalty with her charm bracelet. Victoria’s bracelet featured charms showing her familial ties, as well as lockets, trinkets, and attractive beads. Her signature piece caught on and soon people were clamoring for their own.

Soldiers in the Second World War brought home charms from local craftsmen in the areas where they were stationed. The charm bracelet made a terrific gift for their wives, mothers, sisters, girlfriends, and other loved ones at homes. The charm bracelet is small and can be easily transported. In the United States, charm bracelets became popular among teens as a means to document the memorable events of their lives. There were special charms commemorating graduation, wedding, first communion, Sweet 16th birthday and the like. For a time, the popularity of the charm bracelet waned. However, the resurgence of the Italian charm bracelet in the 90s has continued on today.

The traditional charm bracelet has charms which dangle from the wrist. However, an Italian charm bracelet has charms which interlock with one another and lie flat against the wrist and arm. The links can be rearranged to create different patterns. Unlike the traditional charm bracelets of the 50s and 60s, which were linked rings of metal, the band is stretchy on an Italian charm bracelet. Sometimes Italian charm bracelets have a theme. For example, all the charms center around a hobby or interest. Other times the charms are eclectic. Many times the charms are hand-painted, each a tiny piece of art.

Italian charm bracelets vary in price. They can be found quite inexpensively or wildly costly. It depends upon the elaborateness of the design and the materials. Cheaper bracelets of stainless steel are sometimes sold alongside gold and silver bracelets. Some women wear more than one at a time.