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Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets come in many colors like black, white, and pink, and varieties like freshwater, cultured, Tahitian, bangle and more jewelry.

If you are looking for a gift that is sure to please, pearl bracelets are a great place to start. Typically, genuine pearls are cultured as precious pearls don’t usually occur in the wild. Nothing says quality and style quite like a pearl bracelet. Many women report feeling prettier and more self-assured when they’re wearing pearls. And a gift of pearls from your husband or significant other is a delight and a treasure.

Pearls used as jewelry is not a new concept. The first gift of a pearl was more than 2,000 years ago in Ancient China as a gift to the emperor. Pearls were used the crowns of royal members of the family. For many years, pearls were precious and rare. Then human overharvested them. When diamonds came along, pearls temporarily dropped in popularity. However, cultivated pearls created a resurgence in popularity.

Many people believe pearls have special benefits to your body. It is said that long-term wear of a strand of pearls will protect you from hypothyroidism, and sore throats. Pearls cool down the entire system and many women find wearing pearl bracelets and necklaces experience relief from the symptoms of menopause. Pearls contain a plethora of chemicals, which can promote healing in the body. Some people even buy pearl powder and take it to boost their metabolism.

Freshwater pearls have a different look. They are shaped slightly different and have a more innocent, girl-next-door appeal about them. Although they were once produced in a limited quantity in the United States and Japan, many are produced in China. Although Japan brought cultured freshwater pearls to the market originally, the country stopped producing them in 2006. Here in the states there is a pearl farm in Tennessee, which continues to be a tourist attraction. Freshwater pearls are referred to as such because they are cultivated in freshwater, versus traditional pearls, which are cultivated in saltwater. Pearl bracelets can be from natural or freshwater pearls. Freshwater pearl bracelets vary more in color and shape. They tend not to have as much as luster as natural pearls.

Pearl bracelets are all unique as no too will exactly the same size and luster. White pearl bracelets are the more classic choice. However, today pearls come in many different colors. You see many pink pearls on women’s wrists, which are extremely flattering.

Pearl bracelets grow in beauty as they age. Caring for your pearl bracelet is simple. Simply wipe with a cloth or wash with a gentle soap like Ivory. Store your pearl jewelry in a separate place from the rest of your jewelry. Some people even store them in a pouch or a bag. Dry climates are more of a challenge. Consider adding a piece of damp linen into the storage pouch.

You can buy pearl bracelets in brick and mortar stores on online. You will want to measure your wrist to ensure a good fit. Compare prices and ensure that you’re getting the best quality possible.