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Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets

A sterling silver charm bracelet is great for people looking for a reliable, durable metal to adorn their wrists with.

Sterling silver charm bracelets are popular items because of their durability, smoothness, and sleek look. It also shows great resistance to wear and tear and blemishes caused by exposure to air.

Sterling silver is an alloy, which means that it is a combination of two or more metals used to create a new and stronger material. It’s widely used to create designer jewelery and intricate fashion pieces that adorn lucky owners.

Sterling silver should possess at least 92.5% of pure silver, and the rest should be made up of other materials such as nickel and copper. The combination of metals makes the silver more durable and resistant to stains while preserving the natural beauty of silver.

Sterling silver is different form pure silver, as silver tends to get tarnished when exposed to moisture and air for long periods of time. Silver tarnishes with age and needs to be polished and cleaned to keep it looking its best. However, the constant movement of the wearer and the rubbing of silver pieces against clothes and the skin prevent the silver from further deteriorating.

Scratches on the surface of sterling silver charm bracelets should not reveal any different variations in color, as the material is uniform throughout the entire piece. The sterling silver charm bracelet will tarnish very slow over time, but it can be cleaned easily with cleaners that are specifically made for this reason.

Amazingly, sterling silver has been used since times before 0 BC as a powerful healing agent to kill bacteria and germs.

For those with very sensitive skin, using sterling silver won’t result in sensitive or allergic reactions that are common with other type of metals. This is because silver is not a reactive metal and it only poses a problem to those who have allergic reactions to alloy.

Because of its versatility and safety, sterling silver charm bracelets make a great gift for newborn babies. Each new birthday can be signified with a new and different charm on the bracelet, which makes it a memorable and special gift for every newborn.

Today, the sterling silver charm bracelet has found its way into the hands of world class fashion designers who have turned these classical pieces into elaborate and intricate works of art designed for modern women. They often incorporate the use of precious and semi precious stones into the design of the sterling silver charm bracelets. They makes a statement of social status and style when these jewelry pieces are worn over the wrists of these lucky ladies.

For the frequent traveler, the sterling silver charm bracelet can be the epitome of style and adventure. With a new journey to a different place, a woman can purchase a different charm to reflect this visited destination and soon build up a repertoire of different charms that reflects the places she has been to. For the ballerina, a sterling silver bracelet can reflect the elegance of the theme and characters portrayed in the dances she loves to participate in.