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White Gold Charm Bracelets

White gold charm bracelets are a great alternative to platinum ones.

White gold charm bracelets are very eye-catching and they have a special allure that is undeniably beguiling and captivating. These jewelry accessories are items of beauty and elegance, but they also serve a second purpose in some cultures. Some people believe that they can ward off bad luck, bad evil, and omens from one’s life. They are thought to possess hidden powers to prevent bad vibes from approaching the owner.

If you’re looking for a white gold charm bracelet, there are many styles to choose from. The key to choosing a great piece lies in its uniqueness. It does not matter if it looks odd or out of place. It looks cool enough to be worn on the wrist of any fashionista.

A white gold charm is perfect for those who are prone to allergies when wearing other metal types. White gold is very passive and will not react to the moisture on skin that creates allergic reactions. There are those who assume that there is no gold at all in this white metal because of its color, but it does in fact possess some degree of gold metal in it. The metal fillers are used to create the white gold so that it resembles silver more than gold. There is also nickel in the white gold, and this can cause a problem for those who are allergic to nickel.

White gold charm bracelets are a perfect replacement for more expensive platinum bracelets, which can cost a lot of money. Those who are running low on a budget and wish to invest in one of these items can enjoy the beauty of platinum without the high cost of obtaining it. Contrary to silver, white gold is extremely lustrous and creates a very classy and sophisticated look similar to that of platinum.

White gold is a less expensive and ore affordable solution platinum and it is comprised of yellow gold that is mixed with white metal such as palladium or silver. The measurements of the quality are similar to that of pure gold and while 24 karat means pure gold metal, 24 karats of white gold does not mean it is made up of pure silver. For instance, 18k gold simply means that it is comprised of 75% gold metal that’s mixed with other types of metals to form the new element.

But in white gold standards, 18k white gold means that it contains 75% gold and other white metals. 14K white gold silver charm bracelets are also a popular style, and you’ll see many of these offered for sale online. Often this combination results in a pale yellow color. The metals are then coated with rhodium, which gives them a whitish color that is very similar to platinum. It also makes the metal much stronger. The coating process with rhodium should be repeated every few years to keep the metals looking tip-top and polished.

For all of these reasons and more, white gold charm bracelets make a nice addition to any woman’s jewelry collection and can fit into any occasion.